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Information & Print Registration Form for Peace Camp for Kids 2016

Click here for Peace Camp for Kids 2016 information and registration forms. 

^(click on link above)

Peace Camp for Kids 2016,
Monday, August 8 — Friday, August 12, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

~ Ambassadors of Change ~

Kids need to be accepted as they are, and convinced that they are worthy of respect, affection, and dignity. We will inspire their future. A happy child transcends every ethnic and economic distinction humankind has invented to keep us apart. Every prejudice, every oppression, every resentment, and every misunderstanding can be cured by the laughter of kids playing.…

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Volunteer with Us!

Join us in our Wilkes-Barre Office and help volunteer! Meet with people passionate about fostering peaceful communication.
All ages, all levels of experience welcome! Below are the positions we have open for volunteers:

  • Ad Book Crew: develop an ad book with pages full of people and business advertisements
  • Fundraising and Finance: develop a fundraising and finance task group
  • Grant Writing: take the lead on keeping our PJC grant proposals organized

If interested in any of these opportunities, please feel free to email or call us at (570)-823-9977.…

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