Join Us and Support Peacemaking in NEPA!

In 2019, The Peace and Justice Center will celebrate 31 years of advocating among our neighbors in Northeastern Pennsylvania for a more just and peaceful world.

For three decades, we have confronted discrimination, spoken up for the poor and marginalized, challenged those who preach violence and intolerance, welcomed refugees and immigrants to our small corner of the planet, and helped educate our community’s children to be loving ambassadors of kindness and hope.

Our founders envisioned a community built on diversity, respectful of human dignity, and shaped by dialogue and education. We are proud to carry their mission into the next 30 years.

We humbly ask for your support as we continue to pursue our vision of being the primary resource to which our community can turn for engaging with peace and justice issues.

We appreciate any contribution and will put it to good use:

  • $125 will cover a month’s office rent
  • $80 will cover a month’s phone and Internet cost
  • $75 will fund a peace camp scholarship
  • $50 helps us grow the funds we need to sponsor speakers on issues of justice and peacebuilding
  • $35 will fund your membership for a year of news, information, and invitations to our events and actions